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Shred it, and serve it over some Sweet Potato Cornbread. Top it all with pickled peppers and onions, and some simple slaw. Seasoned to perfection with chili powder, sweet onion, garlic, cumin, and Worcestershire sauce, you also get a hint of hickory thanks to a dash of liquid smoke.

The pan juices will make the meat even better, so spoon them over every serving just before putting them on the table for your family to devour. They will love every fork-tender mouthful. This slow-cooker recipe means you can relax to the savory smells of everything simmering in the kitchen, then grab a plate and enjoy it all when it is ready.

The semi-boneless ham will be cooked to perfection, and you will love the taste and flavor you get when you cut it into thick, juicy slices. Seems like a lucky choice to us. Seasoned with the subtle flavors of garlic powder, paprika, and pepper, the secret here is pouring in half a cup of cola, some apple cider vinegar, and some bourbon so the sugars can help make a sticky-sweet glaze when they combine with all the other add-ins.

The taste is simply a finger-licking delight. This tastes great served on a few slices of Sweet Potato Cornbread, and topped with some slaw or your favorite pickled veggies.

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There is just a little hint of heat here from a few teaspoons of ancho chile powder, but you will love how it blends with the smoked paprika over the several hours it is simmers. Sweet onions add just that little bit of sugary perfection and sweetness, as does the tomato paste. Ladle out a big serving into a bowl and enjoy every spoonful. Have some cornbread or biscuits nearby to sop up every drop. This recipe is full of large, beautiful shrimp, and spicy andouille sausage. Even better, grits are wonderful with any number of add-ins, so you can host a grits-bar brunch, and start with these simplified Slow-Cooker Cheese Grits.

Then, offer a variety of toppings so that everyone can make their favorite version of this simple classic. These taste fantastic with green onions, or crumbled crunchy bacon.

Slow Cooker Shredded Chicken Meal Prep - How To Meal Prep - A Sweet Pea Chef

We also love the tang and body that green tomatoes give this comforting stew. A boneless pork shoulder—we used a Boston butt—makes this slow-cooker treat full of fork-tender meat, and browning it in a skillet before putting it in the pot simply brings out its delicate flavors. Sit back and savor the aromas while this simmers, then grab a bowl and delight in the tastes of this Green Tomato Chile Verde delight. Serve it with some tortillas and Green Tomato Salsa.

We brown our chicken in a cast-iron skillet, but a non-stick skillet will work just as well. These are perfect for game-day tailgating. Tote your slow cooker to the game, plug it in, and let your crowd build their own sandwiches. Hearty dinner rolls piled high with saucy beef are a pure delight. You may need two slow-cookers though, because this recipe is so delicious that everyone will be doubling up on their sliders.

Make a classic chicken and dumplings recipe even more Southern by topping the vegetable-and-chicken-packed stew with cornbread dumplings. If you want to put this up for any length of time, be sure to freeze pot roasts and braised pork shoulders in their cooking liquid—it preserves the juicy flavor and tender texture while guarding against freezer burn. Portion cooled meat into zip-top freezer bags, add cooking liquid, and freeze up to 1 month.

Start by slow-cooking the pork shoulder in an aromatic bath of pineapple, beer try a floral, spiced white ale like Hoegaarden or Blue Moon , and canned chipotles in adobo. Then shred the meat and set out a taco bar full of fresh flavors, bright colors, and crunchy textures. You can't go wrong here. We like bowls of crumbled cheeses, sliced radishes, chopped onions, avocado, shredded cabbage, and plenty of fresh cilantro.

This simple recipe uses two pounds of ground round, and is seasoned with onion soup mix and Worcestershire sauce. Brown sugar adds a little sweetness, and yellow mustard adds just a touch of spice. You will love the aromas as this cooks, and the slow cooker makes it to perfection. For an easy side: Prepare 1 oz.

This comforting slow cooker dish combines everything in a single pot, making the turkey tender and stuffing rich and delicious. The herb-cornbread stuffing is particularly Southern, and we love the way it tastes, full of chopped onion and celery like many a homemade stuffing is on a traditional Thanksgiving table. These are delicately seasoned with fresh rosemary, and bay leaves, bringing their distinctive fragrances to the fore.

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You will love the taste of these cuts of meat, and you will savor how deliciously it all meshes together in the pot. Prepare this for a bold dinner and enjoy every intense and filling bite. Combining chicken breasts, mushrooms, seasoning, a creamy soup, and white wine, the results of this versatile recipe can be used in lots of innovative ways. Shred the cooked chicken, and toss with hot cooked pasta. You can create any number of delicious casseroles, or jump-start a filling for easy enchiladas or a fast pot pie.

More Recipe Ideas to Make In the Crockpot or Slow Cooker

However you choose to use this fantastic Creamy Slow-Cooker Chicken, it will be a fantastic time-saver in the kitchen. By using the slow cooker, you also get to layer the lasagna noodles in without having to pre-cook them. This just makes everything simpler, which can be fantastic when you are pressed for time and need a weeknight quick-fix dinner. All you need are 5 ingredients and 10 minutes of prep time to make this citrusy lemon-rosemary chicken for dinner.

We use a four-pound whole chicken, a lemon, some rosemary and garlic, butter, and some salt and pepper.

Slow Cooker Recipes -

Four or so hours in the slow cooker and this chicken is ready to go. A few extra minutes under the broiler means the skin is browned and crispy. Let it rest ten minutes, and this dish is ready to plate, carve, and devour. The hardest part will be waiting. This recipe shows you how to have a delicious and beautiful dinner ready to share with your family and friends. Thinly sliced pancetta unsmoked Italian bacon cured with salt and spices and a few quick twists of kitchen string can turn an inexpensive pork loin into a party-worthy dish. Firm apples work well in this dish because they hold up in the slow cooker, adding their texture and sweetness to the pork, sauerkraut, and cabbage.

Once you add in the sauce made with apricot preserves, you have a true sweet-and-savory delight. A little Dijon mustard heats it up, and away you go. Give it eight to ten hours in the slow cooker and it will be fork tender, ready to shred, and mouthwateringly delicious. We suggest you save some of this great meat for some other recipes: it works great in Pork Noodle Bowls, or as a topping for Pulled Pork Nachos.

While there, grab a package of poultry herbs, which includes fresh thyme, rosemary, and parsley and can substitute for the individual herbs. Add dried apricots to infuse the rich sauce with a fruity back note, then get all these delicious ingredients in your slow cooker and get ready to enjoy a delicious treat infused with fantastic flavors and overflowing with amazing aromas. You can serve this over couscous for a North African-inspired supper.

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You will want to brown the chicken in a skillet first for added visual appeal and flavor. Wild mushrooms can be found in assorted packages at your local supermarket. Cook them in the chicken drippings for a few minutes before adding them to the slow cooker. You will be amazed with their richness, depth, and bold, earthy flavors. Garnish the chicken with fresh oregano, and serve it with some lemon wedges—you will love the fresh citrus bite. Since the recipe calls for a bottle of beer, use your favorite seasonal brew to amp up the flavor.

The alcohol will evaporate as the chili simmers in the slow cooker but you will be left with the sensational taste. And quinoa is a great grain to include in your chili—think of it as an alternative to rice. If you want your chili a little spicier, save some of the seeds and add them in to the slow cooker. Look for Mexican tortilla soup broth on the soup aisle.

This recipe calls for chicken thighs, which will add richness to the soup, and will cook down to be fork-tender. Once the thighs cook, shred them, and add them back in to the soup. Garnish this great soup with crisp tortilla strips, queso fresco—which is a creamy, white Mexican cheese, sliced avocado, cilantro, and some lime wedges. Recipe: Slow-Cooker Sweet Potatoes with Bacon Sweet potatoes are a super side dish, and this recipe puts a spin on the classics. Rosemary has its own delightful fragrance.

Combined into one, this side dish is easy to make at any time, and perfect for a holiday table. Full of pork shoulder and potatoes, and seasoned with a whole bottle of barbecue sauce, this dish is a comfort-food classic. For extremely tender meat that's easy to shred, you are going to want to try cooking this on low heat for a long time.

Our recipe suggests letting this simmer in the slow cooker for ten to twelve hours. Cooking it on a higher heat for a shorter time yields a less tender result, which is what you want to avoid. Recipe: Sausage-and-Bean Stew This is a fantastically simple meal that you can make with your favorite smoked sausage.

The Slow Cooker Recipes That You'll Never Want To Live Without

Simply brown the sausage first, then toss everything together in a slow cooker and wait. It will take several hours for the beans to be tender, but all the while the stew will be developing its distinctive, delicious flavor. You can also make this stew as thick as you like—just process a cup or two of the bean mixture in a blender until it has the consistency you prefer.

Top this great Sausage-and-Bean Stew with some fresh parsley, or Parmesan cheese, or both. Browning the meat in a skillet before adding it to the slow cooker brings out the rich flavor of the dish. For a distinctive taste, you can try adding your favorite flavor of craft beer when the recipe calls for a can of this sudsy beverage—all the alcohol will cook off while it is in the slow cooker, leaving just the taste to enhance the chili.