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He coined the term CoerciveControl and is working tirelessly to create a legal framework that will finally hold abusers accountable. We are so proud to be working with the brilliant and award-winning Animation Director Yulia Ruditskaya, and we're thrilled to be able to share her beautiful work with you.

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A harrowing true crime story about the Magnano family and their epic battle to escape domestic violence. Follow along! Last updated September 29, Share this project. Just as the boundary between documentary and feature film is not always so clear-cut, there is also an overlap between documentary and animation.

The question as to what an animated documentary is and whether it really exists, or should be able to exist, cannot be answered without knowing what a documentary is — an issue that leads to many discussions at IDFA each year. This year, the films in the animation programme will only serve to intensify those discussions.

The simplest, least controversial form of the animated documentary is the so-called illustrated radio documentary. Here, the documentary element lurks in the soundtrack, usually consisting of an interview. The interview is illustrated with animated images, which often consist of archive footage and even manipulated photos. This animated film was made by Aardman Animations, renowned for Wallace and Gromit. In Lip Synch: Going Equipped , we hear an interview with a criminal who has spent a good deal of his days behind bars, but what we see is clay animation.

This clay animation is subtle and convincing, and does not distract from his spoken words.

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Is this a documentary? The question is if Lip Synch: Going Equipped is endowed with less documentary value in its present form than these alternatives. Another valid question is if the animation distracts from the soundtrack — or if it becomes difficult to distinguish between the two. In some illustrated radio documentaries, the picture offers extra information about reality.

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In Abductees by Paul Vester, people are interviewed who claim to have been abducted by aliens. Their stories are illustrated with animations that are based on their own drawings. The interviewee Ryan Larkin was a washed-up animation filmmaker, which gave this treatment a power and logic all its own.

The visually stunning and excellently animated Drawn from Memory by Paul Fierlinger goes a step further. In this work, the soundtrack is a voice-over.

When Docs Get Graphic: Animation Meets Actuality

That might sound less documentary than excerpts from an interview, as a voice-over is usually a carefully thought-out text that is written beforehand and read aloud. Please ensure JavaScript is enabled. Channels Animation. A hand-picked selection of some of our finest animated films. Shop Class Hart Snider. Turbine Alex Boya. Freaks of Nurture Alexandra Lemay. Threads Torill Kove. Caterpillarplasty David Barlow-Krelina. The Zoo Julia Kwan. Manivald Chintis Lundgren.

The Subject Patrick Bouchard. Hedgehog's Home Eva Cvijanovic. The Tooth Guy Delisle.