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Bulgarian food is amazing and worth looking for at a restaurant near you. Thanks for stopping by. I may have to go to the library and see if I can find a cookbook with many different Bulgarian recipes that I can try making at home. Please do Theresa look for recipes. The food is absolutely amazing.

Do let us know what you end up making.

What to eat in Bulgaria? A guide to Bulgarian Food – travel drafts

I love to try Bulgarian food! They sound soooo delicious and scrumptious! Thanks for sharing. These traditional bulgarian foods look sooo scrumptious.

Can;t wait to try them. The food looks amazing. Now I wonder if we have a Bulgarian restaurant here in the city. Absolutely recommend looking for a Bulgarian restaurant near you. The food is worth seeking out. What a comprehensive guide you out put here on Bulgarian food.!

Wow, I could eat most of these dishes. Most of these foods remind me of foods in the Baltic region apart from the wedding bread , and I am pretty sure I had some of these on my trip to Bulgaria. Not quite sure as it was so long a go. Looking at doing a trip back to the country now, mainly to visit Plovdiv but also hoping to check out the local wine.

You will be amazed and impressed, both by the food and the amazing wines. Reach out if you have any questions as you plan your trip.

  • If you ever visit Bulgaria you will be sure to leave it with a full belly?
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These dishes all look amazing though. The bread is something I would sure love to try. So glad you enjoyed the article Kathy. Indeed, Bulgarian food is not well known and it should be. Thanks for introducing me to another beautiful cuisine. I am going to check it out that bread recipe looks beautiful. I have to search some Bulgarian cookbook. So glad you enjoyed discovering Bulgarian cuisine through this article.

The food is amazing and worth making.

10 Best Bulgaria Food Recipes

Let us know if you make any of the dishes. I was so glad to read your post. Everything is so clear and interesting. I have been this summe in Bulgaria and I tasted some of these dishes. They are great! The grilled meats are pretty tempting. Gyuvech would be on the top of my list, along with all of the desserts!

The typical bulgarian foods

There is so much to love about Bulgarian food. Even though the yogurt may not look tempting on its own.

FREE FOOD TOUR IN SOFIA - Walking Tour Balkan Bites - Bulgaria Travel Vlog 2018

It is pretty tasty. The question is, when is your Bulgaria trip? I am a big lamb fan and rarely get it at home. So I now know to visit Bulgaria. As big seafood fans, we would be happy with the supply from the Black Sea coast. The Shopska Salad sounds like a great starter. We like to share our plates, so Sache would be a good choice. There are so many wonderful food options in Bulgaria.

We truly recommend visiting for the food. Reading this post really makes for a pleasant surprise! Great to hear Raw. Bulgarian food was a pleasant surprise for us as well. And yes, it is easy to happily eat your way through the country. Wow, what a comprehensive guide to Bulgarian cuisine. We were in Razlig and Vabsko and tasted that kapama! Like I said — count me in…for the salad and the cheese, the meats and….

Lol, Renata, you are welcome to join us Renata. So much information! The combination of pork, peppers and cheese looked and sounded amazing so I would try gyvech as well. And how can you go wrong with a donut?!?

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I wish I had read this guide before I visited Bulgaria last year. Very comprehensive guide indeed — for everyone. And, I agree herbs play a big role in Bulgarian cuisine. I always found the food in Bulgaria very flavourful and fresh. And, I love the Bulgarian wines. One of the most underrated wine regions in the world that also happens to be one of the oldest winemaking countries in the world. Thank you so much, Archana. Did you have any favorite Bulgarian foods? And yes, the wines are amazing. We loved the wines from Melnik. What about you? The Pitca Bread really looks tempting.

Summer Savoy queen of Bulgarian Spices — we would surely like to try it. Shopska Salad and Lutenitska will be my favourite whereas my husband will droll over all the meat options you have shown us here. Bulgaria has so much to offer and the food is outstanding. Post a Comment We love to hear from you, so tell us what you think. Explore Local Flavors. Oct Pin it! Pitca bread is a traditional Bulgarian wedding bread.

Tarator — Cold Yogurt Soup In the hot summer months, there is nothing more refreshing than tarator, a traditional Bulgarian soup.

10 Bulgarian Dishes – The hidden gems of the European cuisine

This simple soup contains very few ingredients. It is particularly refreshing and light. Refreshing tarator soup. Generous plate of the traditional Shopska salad. Lutenitsa — Bulgarian Red Pepper Dip Lutenitsa also spelled lyutenitsa is a very popular and traditional spread, found all over the country. Lutenitsa is an excellent dip to start your Bulgarian meal. Traditional Bulgarian Meats Meat is one of the main staples in Bulgarian cuisine.

Traditional grilled meal platter in Bulgaria.

Herbs and Spices in bulgarian cuisine

Cold cuts of Elena fillet on top and Lukanka. Kyufte has one additional ingredient: onion. Freshly grilled kebapche and kyufte. Claire and Rosemary ready for a feast of three shashlik and a plate of grilled meat. Meat Combos — Sache If you want to share and try several meats order a Sache. The size of the dish makes sache ideal for sharing.