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If you have radishes, cut them into very thin slices and place one on each slice of bread.

Garnish with a sprig of dill. Serve immediately.

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Main dish Side dish Appetizer Desserts. Creamy Dill Cucumber Toasties: easy, fast but with great flavor. Easy 15min For 12 people kcal Everyone loves it! Post a link to another recipe or group by pasting the url into the box where you want it to show up. We'll do the rest.

Creamy Dill Cucumber Toasties Recipe

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I went a notch or two thicker on my mandoline and sliced 2 cucumbers directly into a colander. I salted the cucumber slices lightly, mixed it all together, and let them drain for 20 minutes or so before patting them dry with paper towels. The thing about cucumbers is that they are basically all water.


To assemble, I simply spread the cream cheese mixture on each slice of cocktail rye as I pulled it off the loaf, making sure to completely cover the bread on one side, and laid them out on a cookie sheet I could only fit 24 of them on the cookie sheet so the other 15 ended up on a plate. Adding the dill by hand is only marginally more precise than using a shaker I guess.

My family devoured these over the course of an afternoon. The cucumber was not completely buried, though. In the Wikipedia article, buried in one of the paragraphs, is a half-assed mention of another version of the cucumber sandwich.

The Indian variant is flavoured with green chutney and sometimes contains slices of boiled potatoes. Now I love Indian food, and I really really love the spicy green chutney that you get sometimes with samosas.

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  • Cucumber Toasties.
  • He passed along a recipe from a friend of his in the hospitality industry that sounded very much like a hybrid of the American and English sandwiches, with an Indian twist. No boiled potatoes in sight, but still worth trying. For cucumber sandwiches, they suggested a specific type of bread—a firm, square white loaf with a deep brown crust that they source from a bakery in the northwest suburbs.

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    I searched the web for Indian cucumber sandwich recipes containing boiled potatoes, but I did not find much reference to that specific combination. So I tried them both. This is an excellent combination, and these sandwiches were quickly dispatched. Then the whole thing goes into a panini press to crisp up the bread.