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Supersymmetry Demystified : A Self-teach The Oxford Companion to Cosmology Oxfor Relativity : The Special and the General Conduction of Heat in Solids 2nd by Carslaw, H. Cartoon Guide to Physics Cartoon Guides Physics for the IB Diploma Oxford Galileo Reprint by Heilbron, J. Moongazing: Beginner's guide to explorin God and the New Physics by Davies, Paul.

Schaum's Outline of Complex Variables The Beautiful Invisible : Creativity, Im Moonshot : The inside Story of Mankind's Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs: The Astou Schaum's Outline of Physics for Engineer Knocking on Heaven's Door : How Physics Mind of God : Science and the Search for Eerie Silence : Searching for Ourselves Nature's Building Blocks : Everything Yo Quantum Space : Loop Quantum Gravity and A Dictionary of Astronomy Oxford Quick Cosmos Reissue by Sagan, Carl. Worlds without End : The Many Lives of t Why Does E Mc2? Elementary Particles The Silliman Memor Quantum Man : Richard Feynman's Life in The Future of Spacetime Norton Paperbac Feynman's Rainbow : A Search for Beauty God's Equation : Einstein, Relativity, a The Elegant Universe : Superstrings, Hid Quantum Language and the Migration of Sc The Practical Astronomer: Explore the Wo Anxiety and the Equation : Understanding I never took the second part of the class :D.

John Allen Paulos Score: 3 , Informative. I hope I spelled his name correctly - read his books Innumeracy and Beyond Numeracy , excellent introductions to practical mathematics and advanced mathematics, respectively. In the same boat Interestingly enough, there's a remaindered book by Berlinski called, 'the advent of the algorhythm' which I found very helpful. Although its main concern is mathematical logic, Berlinski's explanations of the thought behind the numbers is a nice thing to have.

His book makes you think about numbers--about what a numbers really are and how they work. The book's actual math is broken up by sections of very well-written prose that offer relief when the mathematical ideas leave you feeling hollowed-out and bra. If you're looking to answers to the question "why?

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Since the beginning of time and throughout the ages, the human mind has confronted the same questions. My best advice is to read the original thinkers, the ones who first came to an understanding of whatever subject matter you pursue, as this is closer to the natural course of human understanding in opposition to the textbook fact-collection approach which you mention. The Thomas Aquinas College curricul [thomasaquinas.

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Dover Publications Score: 2. Dover Publications [doverpublications. Dover has made a great reputation for themselves taking out of print books and putting them back into publication. If you are looking for Science and Mathematics knowledge that is not cutting-edge stuff, I'll bet there are dozens of books with more information that you'll ever need in Dover's Science and Mathematics [doverpublications.

The Dover Books Score: 2 , Insightful. They give you a good overview and background of the subject. The Dover books are usually inexpensive, and some are good references. As a text for the non-mathematician, they're probably inappropriate. What they do cover is usually in depth but also don't pull punches.

For example, the opening chapter of "Modern Algebra" jumps directl. My favorites Score: 3 , Interesting.

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Would you please list books that have helped you gain a greater understanding of the basic concepts of algebra, chemistry, calculus, physics, and other core areas of science. This is broad. My own list that you might find useful or not : algebra -- a good introduction is Earl Swokowski's "Fundamentals of Algebra and Trigonometry". It's often available in used book stores, campus book sales, etc..

It is a text book, though, and you may or may not enjoy this method of learning. If you want more of an overview of math, take a look at Paulos' "Innumeracy". If you want some lighter reading, try stuff by Martin Gardner. Know the limits well because it will help in many ways. I often refer to Elliot Gootmans' "Calculus" from Barron. For fun, also try "A Tour of the Calculus". Many chapters in "A History of Pi" are interesting and approachable also.

Stay away from the Dover books until you have a pretty good grasp. They're cheap, but their approach is sometimes a little heavy-handed. Ivars Peterson?? BTW, I'm a big proponent of using mathematics software as an addition to traditional study. Many people are more visual so a graph is eminently useful. Stephen Hawking Score: 2. The Cambridge Guide to the Material Universe is a wonderful book describing what is the Physics and Chemistry of matter.

Unfortunately what is covered in far too many popularizations of phyics is the high energy stuff that either very abstract or does not really pertain to common experience.

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Not so the material covered in this book. Basically the way it was structured was that instead of the traditional math program where one learns algebra the first year, geometry the second, trig the third and then moves onto precal, we learned a litte bit of each every year. Furthermore, instead of them just shoving facts down our throat and saying here, memorize these such as all the proofs from traditional geometry we were actually guided along in discovering them for ourselves.

Thermo-electric transport in gauge/gravity models: Advances in Physics: X: Vol 2, No 2

Every problem was given to us in word problem format. Each unit, which represented a major concept such as the quadratic equation or some of that other stuff, was presented as one big word problemm and it was broken up into smaller pieces which slowly led up to the solution of the actual problem. So instead of coming out of it with simply memorizing the quadratic equation, pythagorean theorem, pi, geometric proofs and the like, we were actually able to discover these on our own. God forbid students actually understand and can apply the information they are learning.

01 - Motion with Constant Acceleration in Physics (Constant Acceleration Equations)

I also can't seem to recall who published the books we used but I'm sure a bit of googling can solve that. Good suggestions for Math Textbooks The parent poster points to one of the few well-developed Mathematics textbook series that offer students a braod understanding of mathematics. If you are looking for a textbook series that actually let's you understand why the math works the way it does instead of just accepting it as truth, then I have one of two suggestions. Both of these series were actually rated as exemplary by the Untied States Department of Education.

IMP as the parent poster said takes al. Douglas Hofstadter won a pulitzer for this little gem. This is a fantastic book to read for anyone remotely interested in the mathematical principles behind some of the more glamorous aspects of computing. If you're lacking a basic understanding of algebra then this book may be a tad over your head, but if you can get into it you will find it immensely rewarding. You made it through college without algebra?

You might easily end up in a situation of the blind leading the blind when trying to help your kids.

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You might do a lot better from a person you can interact with who can see how well you are grasping a concept. Given the current economy I'm sure the tutor might be willing to help you out as well in a package deal. A Realistic Approach Score: 3 , Insightful. While I'm sure that the people recommending GEB and Hawking have your best interests at heart, they're answering the wrong question.

If you want to learn math, you're going to have to start at the beginning and work your way up. What you'll want to do instead is what they do in school. After that, assuming you understand how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide, you're going to want to get into some basic algebra, then calculus, then geometry or whatever else you want. Then do some more. Then do even more, just for good measure.