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Kathleen Givens, Kilgannon , about a young London woman who marries a Scot during the time of the Jacobite uprisings. Robert Goddard, Sea Change , a literary thriller about a London mapmaker who finds himself the target of murderers after, in exchange for a discharge of his debts, he agrees to deliver a package with unknown contents to Amsterdam in , the year of the "South Sea Bubble" collapse. Hancock , about an 18th-century London merchant whose life takes a strange turn after one of his sea captains trades his ship for a dead mermaid.

Genevieve Graham, Under the Same Sky , historical romance about a woman from South Carolina with the second sight and the Scottish Highlander whose life she has seen in visions; 1 in a trilogy. Genevieve Graham, Sound of the Heart , historical romance about a Scottish Highlander gifted with the ability to read people's thoughts, and about the woman he loves, who is sent to America as an indentured servant; 2 in a trilogy beginning with Under the Same Sky.

Genevieve Graham, Somewhere to Dream , historical romance about a woman living with the Cherokee and a man who is a recent captive; 3 in a trilogy beginning with Under the Same Sky. Winston Graham, Ross Poldark: A Novel of Cornwall, , about a man who returns to his Cornish mining village to find his father dead, the family estate in ruins, and the girl he loves about to marry his cousin; 1 in the Poldark series. Katharine Grant, Sedition , about four newly wealthy fathers and their five marriageable daughters in gossipy London.

Philippa Gregory, A Respectable Trade , about a woman who becomes attracted to her husband's slave in eighteenth century Bristol. Philippa Gregory, The Favored Child , one of two children in Georgian England is the rightful heir to an estate; 2 in the Wideacre trilogy. Philippa Gregory, Meridon , about a poor woman in Georgian England who dreams of regaining her lost estate; 3 in the Wideacre trilogy. Nicholas Griffin, The Requiem Shark , an adventure novel about a young Welsh fiddler forced to join the pirate crew of the infamous Bartholomew Roberts "Black Bart".

Nicholas Griffin, The House of Sight and Shadow , about a pair of London doctors exploring the fringes of eighteenth century medicine as anatomists, and the rivalry that develops between them over a woman. Nicholas Griffin, The Masquerade , about a young English gentleman and his valet with numerous grounds for suspicion about each other, who travel to Italy together in Henty, Bonnie Prince Charlie , about the Stuart heir who was the focus of the Jacobite uprising. Georgette Heyer, The Black Moth , the author's first novel; a Georgian romance about a disgraced earl who falls in love with a respectable young woman after rescuing her from a ruthless aristocrat.

Georgette Heyer, These Old Shades , a Georgian romance about a dissipated aristocrat who rescues a ragged urchin and makes him his page boy, only to discover the boy is a young woman; a reworking of The Black Moth using the same characters in a different story.

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Georgette Heyer, Devil's Cub , a Georgian romance about a proper young woman who gets in over her head when she tries to prevent her foolish sister from being ruined by a rakish aristocrat; a sequel to These Old Shades that can be read as a stand-alone. Georgette Heyer, Powder and Patch ; a reissue of her novel The Transformation of Philip Jetten minus the last chapter , a Georgian romance about a country gentleman who goes to Paris in a misguided attempt to acquire more polish after a London dandy pays court to the girl he loves.

Georgette Heyer, The Convenient Marriage , a Georgian romance about a plain young woman who, to save her sister from a loveless marriage, offers to sacrifice herself by becoming the bride instead. Georgette Heyer, The Talisman Ring , a Georgian romance about a couple disinclined to wed each other, although it is the dying wish of her grandfather, who sees no other way of providing for her well-being. Georgette Heyer, Masqueraders , a Georgian romance about a sister and brother who each masquerade as the opposite sex while on their way to London during the Jacobite uprising. Liz Curtis Higgs, Mine Is the Night , about a young widow and her mother-in-law who arrive in the Scottish town of Selkirk where they must rebuild their lives; 5 and last in the Lowlands of Scotland series.

Rachel Hore, A Place of Secrets , about a woman of the present who becomes fascinated by the year-old journal of an astronomer and its secrets, which may link to mysterious events in the present day. Elizabeth Hoyt, The Raven Prince , steamy historical romance about a widow who takes a job as secretary for a badly behaved earl; 1 in the Prince series.

Elizabeth Hoyt, The Leopard Prince , steamy historical romance about a noblewoman who falls in love with her steward in the midst of an epidemic of sheep poisonings; 2 in the Prince series. Elizabeth Hoyt, The Serpent Prince , steamy historical romance about a country woman who falls in love with a viscount on a mission of revenge; 3 in the Prince series. Humphreys, Jack Absolute , about a charming rogue forced to serve as a spy for the British during the American Revolution; 1 in the Jack Absolute series. Humphreys, The Blooding of Jack Absolute , a coming-of-age story about the son of an unemployed actress and a soldier who leave him in the care of abusive relatives, upon whose death he embarks on a series of hair-raising adventures; 2 in the Jack Absolute series and a prequel to Jack Absolute.

Humphreys, Absolute Honour , about a charming rogue who becomes enamored with an attractive woman involved in a seditious plot; 3 in the Jack Absolute series. Seth Hunter, The Time of Terror , a British naval officer is given the assignment of wrecking the French economy by smuggling French banknotes into Paris in amid the bloody aftermath of the Revolution; 1 in the Captain Nathan Peake series.

Susanna Gregory

Seth Hunter, The Tide of War , a British naval officer newly promoted to captain discovers the previous captain of his ship in the Caribbean was murdered, and must also cope with a dangerous French ship, a seductive woman, and an American agent; 2 in the Captain Nathan Peake series. Michael Irwin, The Skull and the Nightingale , about a young man who returns to London, where his godfather coerces him into joining the debaucheries of the city's aristocratic underground.

Miranda Jarrett, Seduction of an English Beauty , historical romance about an eighteenth century Englishwoman in Rome. Susanna Kearsley, The Firebird , historical romance about a present-day woman capable of sensing an object's history by holding it in her hand, and an eighteenth-century Russian woman connected with Catherine the Great. Susanna Kearsley, A Desperate Fortune , a time-slip story about a present-day woman with Asperger's and a skill with codes, and the Jacobite exile whose year-old diary she is hired to decipher.

Mark Keating, The Pirate Devlin , about the former servant of a British naval officer, who becomes a ruthless pirate; 1 in the Pirate Devlin series. Mark Keating, Hunt for White Gold , about a former servant to a naval officer, now a feared pirate, searching for a secret more valuable than gold: the formula for Chinese porcelain; 2 in the Pirate Devlin series.

Mark Keating, Blood Diamond , about a former servant to a naval officer, now a feared pirate, who is asked to assist the fraudulent South Sea Company by stealing a renowned diamond from its owner, a French prince; 3 in the Pirate Devlin series. Mark Keating, Cross of Fire , about a former servant to a naval officer, now a feared pirate, who is hunting one enemy while being hunted by others in the seas off Africa; 4 in the Pirate Devlin series.

Kei, The Sallee Rovers , about a British sailor struggling to come out as gay while surviving storms, battles and other challenges at sea; 1 in the Pirates of the Narrow Seas series; self-published. Kei, Men of Honor , about a British sailor arrested on charges of sodomy and desertion; 2 in the Pirates of the Narrow Seas series; self-published. Kei, Iron Men , about a gay British sailor trying to rescue his captain from drink as mutiny threatens; 3 in the Pirates of the Narrow Seas series; self-published.

Keogh, The Prodigal , about an Englishman who sails to the West Indies to avenge the death of his father by pirates and find his kidnapped mother; 1 in the planned Jack Mallory Chronicles series. Rosalind Laker, The Silver Touch , based on the true story of a woman silversmith in eighteenth century England. Emery Lee, The Highest Stakes , about an orphaned girl, the stableboy who loves her, and horse racing in England and Colonial Virginia. Ardian Lee is a pen name formerly used by author Julianne Lee.

Norah Lofts, Out of this Nettle ; also titled Colin Lowrie , about a young Scottish rebel who must flee after the disastrous battle at Culloden Field. Norah Lofts, Hester Roon , about an orphaned girl who flees into London's underworld after being raped by her employer. Kelly Long, Arms of Love , about a young Amish man whose sympathies are with the American patriots, and the woman he loves, whose father is jailed as a conscientious objector; 1 in the planned Amish Beginnings series.

Anna Elliott (Author of Georgiana Darcy's Diary)

Charlotte Lovejoy, Madame Bliss , an erotic novel about a beautiful servant girl "ruined" by her master, who then sets out for London determined to enjoy all the pleasures life has to offer. Rebecca Mascull, Song of the Sea Maid , about a woman raised in an orphanage who gains a scientific education and travels to Portugal where she finds evidence for a theory that anticipates Darwin. Van Wyck Mason, Manila Galleon , about George Anson's disastrous voyage around the world in and his eventual capture of the Manila Galleon.

Van Wyck Mason, Rascals' Heaven , about James Edward Oglethorpe, the British general who founded the colony of Georgia in , and his plan to take people of good character from debtor's prison and settle them in Georgia. Maria McCann, Ace, King, Knave , about an aristocratic young woman engaged to a man who may not be what he presents himself to be, and a former prostitute who fears the man who keeps her may be stealing corpses.

Review at The Guardian. Katharine McMahon, The Alchemist's Daughter , about the daughter of a Newtonian philosopher who marries for love after becoming pregnant and then rediscovers the value of her father's rational investigations. Katharine McMahon, Season of Light , about a young English woman who travels to Paris before the Revolution and meets a dashing idealist at a literary salon before returning to England where she is under pressure to marry for money.

Elisabeth McNeill, The Heartbreaker , about Bonnie Prince Charlie and the poor shepherdess who, after helping him escape Scotland, struggles to keep herself and her four children alive. Andrew Miller, Ingenious Pain , about a phyisican of the midth century who was born with a physical condition that makes him unable to feel pain. Steph Minns, One Man Drowning , about a gay man who in runs away from his passionless marriage to a life at sea and an affair with a ship captain who runs a smuggling operation; self-published.

Book review: The Chelsea Strangler by Susanna Gregory

Jude Morgan, An Accomplished Woman , a Georgian romantic comedy about a woman with no intention of marrying. Andrew Motion, Silver , a sequel to Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island , in which the son and daughter of two former pirates set out to find the remainder of the treasure their fathers left behind forty years previously. Andrew Motion, The New World , about a boy shipwrecked on the coast of Texas after escaping from a gang of pirates; sequel to Silver. Peter Mottley, The Harlot's Progress: Yorkshire Molly , about an innocent young Yorkshire woman snared into a life of prostitution when she travels to London; independently published by the late author's daughter.

Neil Munro, The Shoes of Fortune , about a Scot who renounces his support for the Jacobite rebellion after discovering what Prince Charles is like. Mary Nichols, The Captain's Mysterious Lady , historical romance set in Georgian England before it had a police force, about a Captain hunting down the men who killed his wife, who rescues a damsel in distress along the way; 1 in the Piccadilly Gentleman's Club series.

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Mary Nichols, The Viscount's Unconventional Bride , historical romance set in Georgian England before it had a police force, about a man who falls in love with the runaway he has been assigned to return to her home; 2 in the Piccadilly Gentleman's Club series. Mary Nichols, Lord Portman's Troublesome Wife , historical romance set in Georgian England before it had a police force, about a man who marries a penniless young woman out of compassion but keeps her at arm's length because he is still mourning his first wife; 3 in the Piccadilly Gentleman's Club series.

Chris Nicholson, The Elephant Keeper , about a stable boy who forms a bond with a pair of elephants shipped to England in Diana Norman, Blood Royal , about an eighteenth century Englishwoman left destitute after her husband invests and loses her fortune in the South Sea Bubble. Diana Norman, The Shores of Darkness , about a man on a quest to find two women his aunt sold as slaves in the West Indies. Victoria Owens, Drawn to Perfection , about a shy young woman in the Welsh Marches in the s whose family's troubles could be solved if she marries well.

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  5. William Palmer, The Devil Is White , about a group of idealistic English gentlemen and their project to found a community on an island off the coast of Africa where white and black can live together in harmony. Peacock, A Tainted Dawn , about a British aristocrat, a French revolutionary, and a British street fiddler who meet in London and are later embroiled in conflict in the Caribbean.

    Wendy K. Perriman, Fire on Dark Water , about an English gypsy who marries Edward Teach without realizing he is the violent and ruthless pirate known as Blackbeard. Tim Powers, On Stranger Tides , historical fantasy about a traveler whose ship is captured by the pirate Blackbeard, who is searching for the Fountain of Youth.