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And the Prince turned out to be a jerk. Happily Ever After seemed to be a never, Neverland. Then one smart and sassy Princess decided to do some research.

She discovered prayers, meditations, intentions and rituals. Potent enough to manifest anything and everything her heart desired. First she used it to get a parking space. Next she started a business and built a big, fun career.

Then she created a non-profit and raised a million dollars for homeless women. Finally she utilized all her manifestation tools to land a soulmate. Not just any soulmate; the best soulmate ever! And in the process she discovered that Happily Ever After is really possible after all.

Even though I had an amazing life, wonderful friends and a successful career, at 43 I found myself still single with no real prospects for romance. In a moment of inspiration, I decided to see if all the manifestation tools and techniques I had successfully used in my business would work in my love life. Making the list requires hanging out in your heart long enough to hear what it is you most desire in a life partner.

It also requires a leap of faith. Within minutes you are walking out the door with the precise, delicious cup of coffee that you ordered. Ordering up a soulmate from the Universe works in a similar way. However, here is the key to unlocking the full manifestation powers of the Universe: You must clearly place your order. You must ask for what you do want , and this is where your Soulmate Wish List comes in. Begin by thinking about the aspects of your life that you look forward to sharing with a partner and the way you would like to feel in his or her presence.

Here are some specific questions that will help you create and refine your list:. To get you started, below are a handful of qualities and traits to consider when creating your soulmate list. Read these for ideas, but write down only the qualities and traits that are really important to you. If you have past lovers with whom you have happy memories or perhaps you are still friends , think about the qualities that you appreciate most about them, as it might provide a clue as to the type of person you are ready to manifest now.

Take as much time as you need to create your list , making it as short or as long as you would like.

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As you write each word, imagine that you are living with your soulmate right now , giving thanks for their presence in your life. Feel the feelings of joy, happiness, passion and peace that come with knowing that the hands of fate have reunited you with your beloved. By symbolically releasing it, you are surrendering your attachment to how, where and when your soulmate will arrive, and allowing the Universe to handle the details.

Pick a special day to perform this ritual. It can be a full moon, a new moon, a Friday the day of Venus, Goddess of Love or any other day you deem special. Select a time of day and location that feels right for you. Begin by reading your list out loud, allowing the feeling of every word, trait, quality and desire to ripple through you. Then, as an act of faith that your wishes have been heard and granted, put it into a fire-safe container and burn it.

As your list is turning to ash, know that your deepest intentions are being handed over to unseen forces that will orchestrate the time and place when you will one day meet your soulmate. Release the ashes into a body of water the ocean, a river, a lake, etc. Take a few minutes to sit quietly with your eyes closed, feeling your heart opening and expanding and knowing that your prayers have been released to the powers of the Universe. Take action towards manifesting your soulmate, but remain detached from the outcome.

Your goal is a high vibration. No matter what happens, remain at one with your soulmate and focus on what you want. It is the energy you put into creating your soulmate relationship that is important. Know that the Universe is always listening, always there for you, and always working in your best interest to bring you good things.

Don't be impressed with outward appearances. Keep your vibration high, remain open, and continue to take action towards manifesting your soulmate.


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Your relationship will come! Ultimate Success Blocker - A free second quiz that helps you instantly find out what your 1 block to success is, and most importantly, how to release it so that you can have more wealth, happiness and love in your life. Manifesting Movie - This is better than "The Secret" movie. Mind Movies - My go-to for visualization videos and raising my vibration fast for nearly 10 years.

You can get 6 free pre-made Mind Movies here. This is awesome! I created a relationship list after reading your book on Manifesting Love. I do have items such as:. I am going to update my relationship list. Should I be more detailed with the stuff on my list? Thanks in advance. Does it express everything you want in a relationship? I am new at this. How do you word what you want with law of attraction.

By Maureen St. Germain

Kind of confused but open to learning. Thank you Mia Aedo. Please explore this site for information on how to word things. You may want to start with the article on affirmations you commented on — the same rules apply positive, present tense, etc. I see why it worked now. I wrote down why I was grateful and made a short list of qualities I wanted in my life. The law of attraction is powerful! I have you book, have read it alao quite many times, after months of trying also i am facing problem in letting it go. The person i like is on my mind most of the timws. Any way out.

Thanks for your help.

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Please search this site for articles on letting go. You can use the search box in the menu bar. One of the articles is even linked to directly in the sidebar. I still feel happy living with him, but lost all interest in kissing, in sex with him and everything. Hi Mimi, I believe there are many people in our lives who can be soulmates. I believe we create our reality This has also been proven by quantum physics. We create every aspect of our lives, including our relationships and the roles people play in our lives.

In that regards, if you choose to change your relationship, you have the power to do so. If you choose to move on, remain friends, and manifest another soulmate, you can do that too. About 3 months ago I read and loved your book Manifesting Love. All I wanted was to manifest my ex. Anyways, no sign of my ex so far, BUT some weeks agos I met a guy. I always loved music, and he happens to be a wonderful musician; his music touches me deeply. We developed, really quickly, strong feeling for each other.