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The One-Hundred Steps Cemetery dates back to the 's. It is a secluded graveyard that sits in a clearing high above the road; high on a grassy hill, thus all the steps leading up to it. The stone steps that gave this cemetery its nickname take you to the top, where most of the graves are located. If you ever wondered your fate of death, local legend claims the manner of your death can be revealed to you by the suffering soul of a tormented undertaker here at The One-Hundred Steps Cemetery.

In order to do so you will first need to go the cemetery at midnight. Upon entering the cemetery and heading towards the gravesites, you will come to a set of steps on the grassy side of the cemetery.

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You are then supposed to walk up these steps and count the steps as you climb up them, recalling how many steps you counted on the way up. However, this isn't as easy as it sounds, seeing how many of the steps are cracked, broken, or missing. So it's next to impossible to get an exact count of just how many steps there are.

Once you have managed to make your way to the top; you are to turn and look over the tombstones facing the open field by the cemetery. By doing this, the ghost of the man whom many claim is the original caretaker of the cemetery will appear out of the misty moonlight and magically reveal a vision to you. It is a vision of your own death. The specter then vanishes right before your eyes. Nevertheless, your mission is not completed; for as soon as the vision fades, one MUST now proceed back down the steps counting the stairs as you make your way back down to the bottom.

If you should get the same number as when you climbed up; your okay. But if you come up with a different count as you did going up, the prophecy of your death the caretaker showed you will come true. Possibly even that very night! As if you attempt to forgo the process of counting the stairs and decide to climb up or down the HILL without using the STEPS, the undertaker is said to appear behind you and give you a shove, sending you tumbling down the hill. This in turn will leave a red imprint on the persons back for several days so those who see it can see the mark of the Devil.

Haunted Church the church is kind of old and if you look at the church you see a light in the church. You can see figures of body's looking out the broken vents and windows.

Screams Down Long Hollow Pike Road

At the top of the church where the steeple is you can see the the cross is broken and it looks like someone is hanging on the broken cross. You see lights fly past you and across the church its not a big light is a little light kind of looks like the spook light from "Spook Light Hil l ".

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It can be a real calm day and the wind will start to blow. This church is on w. Hell's Gate. There are some far more intriguing things going on there. And this one in Brazil, Indiana. Even in Brazil Indiana there are several locations:. One is the one that is on the county line road down 59 with the creepy tree on the right side of the ride if you point your car towards Another is a little bit past that and you turn right after you pass an Amish sign and there is a house with a light pole. Go through Brazil going north on the main road.

You will go over a bridge or overpass then you turn left on road. Go down that street until you get to an old train tunnel.

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Stop the car and flash your lights three times. Then go through and turn around.

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Go through again, but stop in the middle this time. Turn your car off and sit there for 10 minutes. Then the graffiti will start to glow and blood will run down the walls. If you see your name on the wall, banging on the windows and the roof of the car will start. After it stops, start car again and go through.

There is a tree and you will see if you see your name on the wall two kids hanging from the tree, but don't stay to look around go fast cause after you see your name your supposed to die. There are seven different bridges in that area and you are supposed to drive through all of these bridges starting by going down Coal Bluff Rd.

Take Highway 59, it's about 4 miles from Brazil, until you see the Bridgeton town sign.

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You'll also see a sign that says camping. Turn East and go down that road about 3 miles. Once you pass the Fallen Rock Parke Restaurant start looking to the left. You will make a turn and then there will be an opening. Up on the hill in that opening will be the cemetery.

There is nowhere to park so if you are going you'll probably need someone to sit in the car in case another car comes down the road. To get up to the cemetery you have to go through a bunch of weeds that are about knee high, and then hop over a fence.

After hopping the fence get ready to climb a hill that's pretty steep and about 50 feet tall. The Old Indian Burial Ground is down the road from Fallen Rock Parke Restaurant located on top of a hill; nothing big, there are only 12 gravestones or so. Legend has it that an Indian buried himself alive up there.

It is said that if you climb up there at midnight and stand there for a second you can hear the sounds of drums and howling. Some have claimed they even seen the shadow of the lonely Indian. Spook Light Hill. If you travel north on highway 59, out of Brazil, Indiana, in about 4 or 5 miles you will come to a gravel road that turns to the right.

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The road takes the lonely traveler to the tiny town of Carbon, but before you get there, you pass over 3 hills. If you are brave enough, you can stop at the top of the last hill and look back down toward the 2nd one. If you are lucky, most nights a lone lantern light can be seen swinging through the woods, letting us know why this hill is known as 'Spook Light Hill'.

The story is that a light can be seen coming down the road and "scanning" the area. It's said that a father lost a murdered daughter and now roams that area looking for her head. The story is that years ago, an Amish man, Old man Lawry was waiting up for his daughter, his only child, to return home, as a fierce looking storm way off to the west, was moving their way.

When the horse and buggy finally showed up to the house Old man Lawry realized his daughter was not in it. Fearing that his daughter is in some kind of trouble he leaps into the buggy and whips the tired horse back into action. Down the lane, toward the church he flies. At the top of the first of the three hills, a bright flash of lightning illuminates the road ahead of him.

At the bottom of the hill, Old man Lawry recognizes the dress on the figure lying in a heap in the mud. She must have been hurrying to get home before the storm and fell out on the rough downhill. Turning her over, Old man Lawry's eyes fall on a most horrid sight. Her head! Where is her head?!! Apparently it had been severed by the buggy wheel or as some would say, she was murdered. Old man Lawry's daughter was buried in the family cemetery near where her body was found. Her head never turned up.